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Great Gift Ideas for Everyone!

Baby Christmas bauble is a perfect souvenir to commemorate of a new-born’s first Christmas. Christmas bauble for newlyweds or Christmas bauble for new home is always welcome.


Colourfull Designs with Style

You can order only one just to decorate your own mantelpiece, decorate your Christmas table or improve appearance of your Christmas tree. Large hand painted Christmas bauble adds magic to every room. Unlimited possibilities for giving your home the look and feel you are after.


Business Owner? No Problem, We Have Something for You Too!

Order our baubles with your logo or message and have them sent to your customers or decorate your headquarters.

Our Selection

Learn about our selection of group of products

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  • "All I can say is WOW."

    Absolutely stunning! If your looking for something special as a gift this is it. Unique and huge!! Comes with its own stand and gift bag. Putting your own message makes it extremely special! I actually got emotional where I was so pleased with it....exceeded my expectations! At 18.99 it is a bargain, for the quality attention to detail etc, I would really expect and WOULD pay more for such a stunning piece.

  • "It is perfect and beautiful, just as described."

    Bauble just arrived. It is perfect and beautiful, just as described. Service was prompt and efficient, especially when I wanted to amend the text, which I was able to do with no problem. I would certainly use in the future, and recommend to family and friends.

    Barbara Bowring
  • "Sleek Design and Easy Customization Made this the Perfect Gift for Christmas"

    The Christmas Bauble I ordered was very similar to this except I had a beautiful Father Christmas. It was a special gift for my daughter and son inlaws first Christmas together as 'Hubby & Wife'. They were thrilled with their gift. I cannot express fully how pleased I was with this gift, it was perfect. All lettering was clear and professionally done. The finish was beautifully set in a gold star shaped base. With postage free it was delivered well packed within a week of ordering. I will most definitely be ordering more for next Christmas - wonderful idea and perfect gift.

    Daryl Chandler
  • "Surprisingly Subtle"

    That's a brilliant bauble! Never expected it to be so lightweight and huge! Delivery was very fast indeed!.

    Jerry Andrews
  • "An Impressive Hand Finish, to Ensure the Uniqueness"

    GORGEOUS BAUBLE! Can't wait to see it on my Christmas tree! Well wrapped with super fast delivery, Thanks!

    Sam Santiago
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