set of 4 baubles in box

Set of four medium thin glass handmade and hand painted baubles in a box, 100 mm diameter each. We call them medium baubles as they are still larger than most of cheap Christmas baubles. These baubles are meant to be hanged on Christmas tree as any other bauble or you can decide to hang them in a window - Swedish way. It can be easily converted into Christmas gift box containing unique Christmas gift: we will give you an eco-friendly present bag with winter theme with your order.

Their quality and perfection is amazing. Each of them is slightly different as they are free-blown and then hand painted by Polish artists! No machinery was used during production process, just old style tools and methods perfected by decades in this small family owned business that makes these very decorative ornaments, as Poland is one of the biggest exporters of Christmas baubles in the world. There is a long tradition of making them.

We suggest that you keep packaging so you can wrap up your bauble after Christmas for the next year.

We offer free delivery within the UK and charge small fee for delivery to the Euro zone for our luxury Christmas decorations.

Caution: all baubles and eggs are made with very thin, fragile glass – if broken can cause cuts, keep away from children and animals!