smaller glass Christmas baubles


Smaller (we call them small but they are not that small) glass Christmas baubles are mostly purchased by grandparents and parents as a gift for children to commemorate their anniversaries (instead of other precious gifts), like first Christmas or birthdays near the Christmas period. Some people buy them for other occasions or just as beautiful decorations. Can be hung on Christmas tree or window as any other bauble. We write short messages on most of them. Best fit messages are around 15-20 characters, as longer messages do not look well on such a small baubles.

These baubles are 100mm (10cm, 3.94 inch) in diameter and, of course, all of them are hand made from the very beginning using only traditional ways of making baubles. They come in decorative carton boxes for safe storage over the years to come, metal stand and a gift bag.

Below is a smaller bauble pictured along with large bauble for comparison:

And below is a pure virgin hand made glass bauble:

These (as any of the baubles we sell) should not be given to small children as they are made with glass and, if broken, can cause cuts.